Moving Day: 5 Things Your Movers Want You to Know

Using a professional moving company makes the process of packing and relocating a lot easier, but there are still a few things you can do to help. So basically, your moving day has its own list of moving-related tasks that the movers can’t do for you. But they certainly will appreciate your task completion because it is going to make moving day much more smooth and productive! Here are 10 things that will make moving day easier for everyone involved.

(1) Let Them Do Their Job

Full-service movers are trained moving professionals. They have moved thousands of boxes, couches, and fragile items. Let them do their job – even if you think you know a better way to get everything done. Simply remind yourself that you hired the movers for a reason. This will make your movers feel less micromanaged and yourself feel stressed.

(2) Pack Everything Before

If you decided to hire a full-service moving company, your movers will pack your stuff for you. But if you didn’t, make sure you finish packing your boxes before they show up. Making your movers wait because you are still packing can cause frustration, confusion, and additional moving time spent which you will end up having to pay for. You want your house to be completely ready to be put on the truck when the movers arrive!

(3) Labeling

Label all of your moving boxes with their intended destination. This will help your movers unload more efficiently and save you the hassle of playing traffic director. This is even more important if you are paying them an hourly wage. If something is fragile or requires gentle handling mark those moving boxes specifically and tell your movers. They need to know clearly and ahead of time.

(4) Emptying And Special Items

Most moving professionals won’t handle furniture or filing cabinets that still have personal items in them. It makes it much heavier and more difficult for your movers to transport. It can pose a danger for them because of sliding drawers and shifting content. Your movers also don’t need to be burdened with certain items such as cash, jewelry, and prescription medications. Moving day can get pretty hectic, so hold onto your valuables and let the moving crew take care of the rest.

(5) Don’t Disappear

Just because your moving professionals need you to stay out of the way, it doesn’t mean to disappear on them. You should stay around the house, let your movers know where to find you in case they have questions or need you, and if you have to run an errand and leave for a short while simply communicate it with them.

VMoving provides fast transit of goods for our clients

When you hire a moving company, you want a team of movers that know how to do the job and have been doing the job for many years. They need to be experienced and quick on their feet to relocate boxes and furniture to the truck with care and due diligence. Our Moving Companies have only the best staff working for us, and we like to make sure they continue to get training to provide you with a better and better service each time.

How To Move A Gun Safe Safely

Gun safes usually weigh between 500-800 pounds (even reaching upwards of 1,000 pounds sometimes), making their transport a problematic task. Safe gun owners know that it becomes even more important to learn how to properly move a gun safe to keep your family and children out of harm’s way. People have died and can die from improperly moving a safe.

If you are struggling with the shipping process of your gun safe, or tried to take on the challenge of doing it on your own, hiring professional movers is always the way to go. There are a lot of companies that specialize in unusual item transportation, and choosing one of them can save you from a stressful moving process. Professional movers can easily move your empty gun safe the same way they move any other heavy items. They have the necessary supplies, the proper truck, and well-trained people for your cargo. The movers will most likely wrap the gun safe in bubble wrap and moving blankets to prevent damage. And they will carefully load it onto a moving dolly and transport it the same way you move a refrigerator or any other large household items.

Empty Your Gun Safe Before Moving

You probably know that your weapons are hefty. And suppose your firearm cabinet contains several pistols, handguns, and munitions. In that case, your gun safe will be almost twice as heavy as it is. If you don’t empty it and it is being dropped accidentally, your equipment could be damaged. Also, for your safety and everyone else in the house, don’t move loaded guns inside your weapons locker.

Safety And Legal Issues When Moving

You can’t just pack firearms into a moving truck without having done proper research. Whether you’re moving with firearms or having them shipped, you need to keep in mind a number of safety and legal issues. Not all moving companies can transport guns. Especially when it comes to long-distance moving, you have to figure out what to do and how you can get your firearms to another state. You have three options: driving, flying or shipping. All of these methods have their own rules and regulations, but transporting firearms can be easily done.

Packing Your Firearms

When packing your firearms, you need to keep one thing in mind – safety. Before you begin to pack your firearms, you must remove all ammunition and ensure the gun’s safety is on. For the actual packing of weapons, you need a box slightly larger than the firearm, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Begin by wrapping the firearm in the bubble wrap, then place it in a box filled with packing peanuts. It is recommended you do this for each firearm to prevent damage. Another option is to use a padded firearm case. The same thing applies here; pack your ammunition separately as an added precaution. If you’re moving these firearms yourself, it’s advised you pack them in your moving truck or trailer. If you pack them in your vehicle, state and local laws regarding concealed carrying of firearms may apply as they would be considered accessible. When you are moving across state lines, you must be aware of state and local laws to ensure that the movement of firearms into the new state does not violate any laws. The new state or city may not recognize permits or licenses issued by another state. Therefore you need to research what your new state requires of you before moving.

Shipping Your Firearms

If you decide to ship your firearms, you can follow the same packing process described above. You want to make sure NOT to label the box as containing a firearm because it violates ATF regulations. Notifying your moving or shipping company of the box’s content is totally fine and advised because certain guns can’t be shipped with certain companies. Lastly, be mindful when shipping your weapons to a new state as you can be violating state and local laws. Research what your new state requires of you before shipping your guns.

Note: Federal and state laws regarding firearms frequently change. These suggestions are not legal advice or a summary of laws. Consult a local attorney or the written local laws to determine which laws apply to your specific situations. After arriving at your destination, state and local laws for ownership and possession will apply.

VMoving provides fast transit of goods for our clients

When you hire a moving company, you want a team of movers that know how to do the job and have been doing the job for many years. They need to be experienced and quick on their feet to relocate boxes and furniture to the truck with care and due diligence. Our Moving Companies have only the best staff working for us, and we like to make sure they continue to get training to provide you with a better and better service each time.

How To Move Safely During COVID-19

Movers Unloading Boxes From Moving Truck During COVID 19 Pandemic

Much of our normal life has changed or ceased since the coronavirus crisis gripped the USA in March of 2020. But some things have to go on, like moving. Maybe your lease is up? Perhaps you need to combine your household with others in your family for financial reasons? Or maybe you were already in the process of changing homes, and you just can’t put it off anymore. Planning a move to a new home can be pretty challenging. Still, now you have to worry about protecting yourself and your family from the novel coronavirus. The excellent news, staying protected and reducing your risk while moving isn’t as challenging as it seems. Here are five tips you can use when the time comes to move during the pandemic.

(1) Get a Contactless, Virtual Quote

As you begin researching moving companies online to plan a contactless move during COVID-19, look for movers that provide virtual estimates rather than in-home visits. The video estimate feature is an excellent alternative to the traditional in-person moving estimate. Using video communication via a smart device allows you to walk an estimator through your home remotely. Check with the moving company to find out how you can best prepare for their virtual quote process. Most likely, preparation instructions will include:

  • Make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged and that you have a strong Wi-Fi signal. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, remember that data charges may apply. 
  • Turn on the lights in all of the rooms you will be showing to your moving cost estimator
  • Open all cabinets and closets for items inside you will need to be moved. 
  • Have a tape measure on hand, just in case your estimator needs you to measure an item for accuracy.

(2) Questions to ask

Make sure you ask your moving company what measures they are taking to ensure a safe moving experience during COVID-19. Quality moving professionals understand the safety of you and your belongings are critical during any move. The movers should demonstrate considerable vigilance at this time when it comes to your safety and health. Below are a few questions to get you started as you vet your movers:

  • What precautions are you taking to protect your moving crew and drivers?
  • What precautions are you taking to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among your movers? 
  • What will you do if it’s discovered that a worker or customer has been diagnosed with COVID-19?  
  • Can you provide me with additional information, links, or documents that address moving during COVID-19 before I schedule my move with you?  

(3) Buy A LOT of packing materials – in advance

Studies have shown that the coronavirus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. It’s best to get packing supplies delivered to you, so you can avoid the risks of last-minute trips to the hardware store during the pandemic. You don’t want to realize the day before your move that you don’t have enough stuffing or boxes to pack and end up having to make several hardware-store-runs. Your budget, your belongings, and your schedule will thank you for spending the extra time in advance determining the number of boxes you’ll need. You can use the chart below to get an idea of how many boxes you’ll need. Do not forget to keep in mind that the longer you live in your home, the more stuff you will have accumulated!

  • Studio: 10 – 20
  • One-Bedroom Apartment: 20 – 40
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment: 40 – 60
  • Two Bedroom House: 60 – 80
  • Three Bedroom House: 80 – 100
  • Four Bedroom House: 100 – 120
  • Larger: 120+

(4) Communicating ahead (Moving and Donations)

If you are moving out or into an apartment building or condominium complex, notify your management company of your move’s time and date. Remember to make these arrangements ahead of time on both ends of the move. Ask your management team about using a service elevator for the day of your move and special arrangements needed for parking the moving truck. You should also notify your neighbors by phone or email so that they can be aware of keeping a safe distance in halls and elevators on your moving day.

Moving usually means sorting through your belongings and shedding items you no longer use. But dropping off a bag of clothes at Goodwill isn’t as simple as it was before. Wherever you donate household goods locally, check their website and call to see how and where to give.

(5) Sanitary Precautions and Cleaning

Your movers should come prepared with their face masks on and continue to wear them throughout the entire moving process. Keep your distance from movers and avoid handshakes. If possible weather-wise, you want to leave your windows opened to allow plenty of fresh air to circulate. Most importantly, you want to have enough soap and paper towels available for your movers and your family to wash your hands throughout the day. 

Thoroughly disinfect and clean your new home before you unpack and settle in. After the movers leave, take some time to disinfect any areas that are high-touch zones. Wipe down door handles, light switches, and bathrooms before you finish unpacking. Get rid of any germs that could have been brought in on foot traffic by sweeping and mopping your floors. Besides cleaning and disinfecting your furniture and belongings as you unpack, make sure to properly dispose of all packing materials. Contact your local government agency if you have questions regarding the disposal or recycling of boxes and other packing material.

VMoving provides fast transit of goods for our clients

When you hire a moving company, you want a team of movers that know how to do the job and have been doing the job for many years. They need to be experienced and quick on their feet to relocate boxes and furniture to the truck with care and due diligence. Our Moving Companies have only the best staff working for us, and we like to make sure they continue to get training to provide you with a better and better service each time.

How Much To Tip Movers?

Moving companies are in the service industry, and tipping is a standard way to show your gratitude. At the same time, tipping your movers is not considered something that you have to do. Deciding how much to tip movers is sightly important because you want to factor it into your overall moving costs.

Plan to provide 5% to 20% of your move’s total cost as a tip to the moving team. A decision to pay movers 10% of the total might work perfectly too, if you only work with one team of movers for a few hours. The simplest way to evaluate how much to tip your movers is a scale based on how long the move takes. Generally, $10 per person is acceptable for a half-day (4 hours) and $20 for a full-day (8 hours). If your movers are working from daylight to dark or spending an extravagant amount of time carefully packing fragile items, you can expect to pay up to $40 per person.

An effective approach to tip and encourage movers

Before the moving crew begins with their job, you may want to encourage them to work hard and careful by promising tips at the end of the moving job. In addition to your verbal assurance, you could hand a $10 bill to each mover at the beginning of the move as an added incentive.

However, if this makes you uncomfortable, stick to the general rule that you should tip movers after they’ve completed the job. Don’t give the lump sum to the foreman or driver. Give each worker a tip. Giving each worker their tip recognizes and appreciates their individual efforts. Also, there may be some dishonest foremen who will keep the whole tip for themselves. If you’re happy with the service you received, let each worker know by handing him or her a tip, and smile and say, “Thank you.”

Evaluation criteria to determine mover performance

  • Punctuality

Did your movers arrive on time?

  • Professionalism

Have your movers acted professionally from the moment they have stepped inside your home?

  • Friendliness

Have your movers been nice, friendly, and sociable, or were they rather rude, cold, and disrespectful?

  • Quality and Care

Did the moving team treat your belongings with care and attention to detail? You can tell a lot about the quality of the service you’re paying for by merely observing from a distance how the movers go about handling your possessions and moving boxes. Have your movers done what is necessary to avoid property damage?

  • Dishonesty

Did the hired moving professionals work hard from beginning to end, or have they tried to deliberately extend the time they need to finish the job? Using frequent cigarette or bathroom breaks are the simplest of dishonest and disrespectful time-wasting tricks. This is especially true for moving professionals charging by the hour.

Additional ways you can treat your movers

If the moving crew is doing a wonderful job and you want to show your appreciation other than by tipping, you can also consider offering other incentives:

  • Cold bottles of water and/ or coffee
  • Cookies and snacks
  • Lunch and/ or dinner
  • Gift cards

When offering “pizza and beer” to your professional moving team, keep in mind, many companies have strict policies about employees consuming alcohol when they are working. You don’t want to get a worker in trouble for accepting your hospitality. Make sure to communicate with the moving coordinator ahead of time.

VMoving provides fast transit of goods for our clients

When you hire a moving company, you want a team of movers that know how to do the job and have been doing the job for many years. They need to be experienced and quick on their feet to relocate boxes and furniture to the truck with care and due diligence. Our Moving Companies have only the best staff working for us, and we like to make sure they continue to get training to provide you with a better and better service each time.

How To Label Boxes For Moving

When getting ready to move out of your current home and thinking of moving preparation, most of us automatically associate the words disorganization, chaos, stress, and visualize a sea of boxes, from large to small, to wardrobe and pictures. Forget about the bad reputation that moving preparations usually have and let our article help you bring structural organization into your move.

Structured labeling of your boxes is your key to success. It accomplishes two things: (1) It will make your move much more organized, and (2) it will be easier for you and your movers to deal with the process of moving. Especially when unloading boxes into your new home, labeling will save you a lot of time. The movers will know exactly what room to put each box in, which fragile boxes to handle with care, and most importantly, you will know what is in them. This will prevent you from having to open boxes to find out what is inside each one.


  • Markers: You will need a set of high-quality, waterproof, permanent markers. Use a dark color, preferably black, for easy legibility. Orange ink is difficult to read, as are other light colors. Instead, choose a brand that you trust and are familiar with, such as Sharpies. This way, you can use the makers for other purposes long after you’ve completed your relocation process.
  • Multi-color 3 inch round label stickers/ Colored tape: A huge variety of color-coded labels can be found on Amazon. You can easily write or print on them, and they stick to more surfaces than your moving boxes, including plastic, glass, paper, and even clothing! They are perfect as moving labels. You can also use colored tape to create a color-coded labeling system that will enable you to quickly identify your boxes by room when you reach your destination. Colored tape is available in most office supply stores.
  • Inventory list: Making a moving inventory list will help you with the organization of your possessions. At the same time, you will be on track when packing your stuff. Write details like the name of the item and quantity, and always take photos of high-value items. In case of any damage during a move or after, having an accurate inventory list will help you claim insurance. If this isn’t obvious, you should NOT label a box before packing it because you won’t know what you will end up packing in that box. You should also NOT label a moving box way after you’ve packed it because, by that time, you might have forgotten what you put inside the box. The inventory list will help you keep track of all your items if the moving company you choose loses or damages something.


An easy method for labeling moving boxes is the color-coded system. This labeling system is straightforward to implement, and it is quite effective. Label your boxes by room. Choosing color-coded moving labels of at least 3-inches in size will guarantee enough space to easily write or print on your labels. This will ensure for anyone who is helping you move to easily understand your color-coded system. Be as specific as possible. Instead of “bathroom,” for instance, say “master bathroom” or “kid’s bathroom” or “guest bathroom” if you have packed these rooms separately.

Designate one different color for each destination room in the new home. For example, orange can be used for the bathroom, red can mean bedroom, green can be associated with the living room, blue can mean kitchen, and so on.

Additional Tips:

  • Label any boxes that you plan on taking yourself as “Do Not Move.”
  • Use a red marker to write down any essential handling instructions on the boxes, such as FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE, THIS SIDE UP, etc. 
  • For boxes that you will need right away, label them as “Pack Last.” This way, the movers will put them on the truck last and unload them first.


Numbering your boxes has two primary advantages: 

(1) You’ll automatically know if you’re missing a box because that number will be missing. Otherwise, you might not even notice a box was missing until weeks later when you go looking for an item you don’t have. 

(2) Numbering your boxes makes inventorying your household items easier, and you can quickly double-check your inventory list or spreadsheet by the number to find out what you packed in what numbered box. Especially when you don’t unpack everything during the first week, the numbered boxes in combination with the inventory list will help you find what you need quickly and enable you to go straight to the box to get what you need.

VMoving provides fast transit of goods for our clients

When you hire a moving company, you want a team of movers that know how to do the job and have been doing the job for many years. They need to be experienced and quick on their feet to relocate boxes and furniture to the truck with care and due diligence. Our company has only the best staff working for us, and we like to make sure they continue to get training to provide you with a better and better service each time.

The Best Ways to Save on Moving Furniture Out of State

If you are moving out of state or cross-country, you’re likely filled with excitement about the prospect of the adventure. However, if there’s one thing that is more dreadful than exciting, it’s the cost associated with an out-of-state move and hiring furniture movers for the long haul.

 In fact, depending on how much furniture you have, furniture movers and an out-of-state move can cost thousands of dollars and take many weeks to plan. Since budgeting is smart (and we believe it is), let’s go over some of the ways you can save money while moving across state lines, regardless of how much furniture you have.

Declutter before you move

Decluttering is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to lower the cost of your out-of-state move. Once many people start the packing process, they’re surprised to find out just how much junk they might have. Whether it’s electronic gadgets you no longer need or items that are missing pieces, decluttering not only gives you fewer things to move—it will help your new home look and feel better once the move and unpacking is done. The best part is you can likely sell a lot of unused items for cash if you start the process early enough. This puts more money in your pocket to spend toward your out-of-state moving expenses.

Use free supplies to pack

Grocery stores are a great place to pick up some free boxes and packing supplies. They usually have an excess of both sitting out on their loading dock and will be thankful for you to get it out of their way. You can also forego the bubble wrap by using towels, old newspapers, and blankets to protect breakable or fragile items.

Negotiate with multiple moving companies

Negotiating for the best price is always a smart decision, especially when dealing with the expenses involved with hiring out-of-state movers. Be sure that in your negotiations, you ask about what will be covered in their moving services.  For example, will it include help unloading once you reach your destination and how many movers will be there to assist?

Haul a Cargo Trailer

If you’re going to be taking your personal vehicle along on the move, you might find better pricing if you haul a cargo trailer behind it. This can be done in addition to hiring out-of-state movers, adding to the extent of what can be packed and taken.  The important thing to consider if this is a possible choice for you is whether or not your vehicle has towing capacity. 

Look at national moving companies

You might find the best pricing by locating out of state movers that have national branches, including one in the state you’re moving from and one in the state you’re moving to. A national moving company would be more likely to be able to offer a package deal that lowers the cost of your out-of-state move.

For more information about how to ensure your out-of-state move is both cost effective and hassle-free, contact us today.

Are You In Need of Full Service Movers For Your Move?

What makes full service movers such a great choice when deciding to move is obvious. The words full service movers means exactly what the words do state. They are a moving company that can provide a wide variety of different moving services that can be customized to suit various different moving needs in particular. Therefore, if you are in need of full service movers for your move, you should try to go with full service movers who will have your back in every way. Moving can be a very stressful thing at the times, and because of this fact, the stress is something that should be reduced greatly from the onset. Just knowing that you have a moving company that will make a difference, and help to lessen the burden, is definitely a load off of the mind in a major way. Full service movers is all about diversity and a big part of this diversity is the array of moving services that can suit almost any situation.


So, with this said, it doesn’t matter if you want a local move or a national one. Full service movers is all about being open to impression and versatile. We adjust ourselves to suit your individual moving needs. No matter what they may be about in essence. Your move becomes our move. If you want a truck move. We can handle that for you. The moving partners we have will be more than happy to load all of your belongings onto their truck and do the driving. There are lots of other options, in addition, to this very good truck move.


Another option that a person may consider is the full service move. The full service move is the most inclusive of all the options for relocation, and this is because, when you hire someone to do a full service move. This means you get exactly what it promises to deliver. They will take full charge of your moving and handle every aspect of it. This means from packing everything up to loading it all into the truck, and then driving to your new destination, and unpacking everything that was packed originally. Full service movers do it all, and it is all, or nothing at all. These very special movers are fully licensed and insured to do this kind of work. So, you can be rest assured, they will get you moved with the least bit of stress on your part. Because they are great stress busters, in addition to being, very highly skilled and professional movers. What a person will pay for this service is well worth the price. Especially, since a big part of this price, will help to remove stress, effort, and time on your behalf. You and yours will be spared from having to face the big-time annoyance that goes along with moving. This, in itself, is also a major asset in its own way.


If you would like full service movers, or would just like to go with an old-fashioned truck move, then you need to visit our website for further information. We are tops when it comes to being a premier relocation service in the country and all we do is help people to move as stress-free as possible. We offer all sorts of moving services to suit the needs of various individuals and moving is all we know. So, entrust your move to us, and we will match you up with the best moving option to assist you. This is all we do and what we are best at doing. No move is too big or too small for us. We are in business to assist movers, and movers can assist us best, by permitting us to help them with their moving questions and concerns. Please go to to learn more about our business. We await you! Thanks!