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Moving Day: 5 Things Your Movers Want You to Know

Using a professional moving company makes the process of packing and relocating a lot easier, but there are still a few things you can do to help. So basically, your moving day has its own list of moving-related tasks that the movers can’t do for you. But they certainly will appreciate your task completion because it is going to make moving day much more smooth and productive! Here are 10 things that will make moving day easier for everyone involved.

(1) Let Them Do Their Job

Full-service movers are trained moving professionals. They have moved thousands of boxes, couches, and fragile items. Let them do their job – even if you think you know a better way to get everything done. Simply remind yourself that you hired the movers for a reason. This will make your movers feel less micromanaged and yourself feel stressed.

(2) Pack Everything Before

If you decided to hire a full-service moving company, your movers will pack your stuff for you. But if you didn’t, make sure you finish packing your boxes before they show up. Making your movers wait because you are still packing can cause frustration, confusion, and additional moving time spent which you will end up having to pay for. You want your house to be completely ready to be put on the truck when the movers arrive!

(3) Labeling

Label all of your moving boxes with their intended destination. This will help your movers unload more efficiently and save you the hassle of playing traffic director. This is even more important if you are paying them an hourly wage. If something is fragile or requires gentle handling mark those moving boxes specifically and tell your movers. They need to know clearly and ahead of time.

(4) Emptying And Special Items

Most moving professionals won’t handle furniture or filing cabinets that still have personal items in them. It makes it much heavier and more difficult for your movers to transport. It can pose a danger for them because of sliding drawers and shifting content. Your movers also don’t need to be burdened with certain items such as cash, jewelry, and prescription medications. Moving day can get pretty hectic, so hold onto your valuables and let the moving crew take care of the rest.

(5) Don’t Disappear

Just because your moving professionals need you to stay out of the way, it doesn’t mean to disappear on them. You should stay around the house, let your movers know where to find you in case they have questions or need you, and if you have to run an errand and leave for a short while simply communicate it with them.

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When you hire a moving company, you want a team of movers that know how to do the job and have been doing the job for many years. They need to be experienced and quick on their feet to relocate boxes and furniture to the truck with care and due diligence. Our Moving Companies have only the best staff working for us, and we like to make sure they continue to get training to provide you with a better and better service each time.