The Best Ways to Save on Moving Furniture Out of State

If you are moving out of state or cross-country, you’re likely filled with excitement about the prospect of the adventure. However, if there’s one thing that is more dreadful than exciting, it’s the cost associated with an out-of-state move and hiring furniture movers for the long haul.

 In fact, depending on how much furniture you have, furniture movers and an out-of-state move can cost thousands of dollars and take many weeks to plan. Since budgeting is smart (and we believe it is), let’s go over some of the ways you can save money while moving across state lines, regardless of how much furniture you have.

Declutter before you move

Decluttering is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to lower the cost of your out-of-state move. Once many people start the packing process, they’re surprised to find out just how much junk they might have. Whether it’s electronic gadgets you no longer need or items that are missing pieces, decluttering not only gives you fewer things to move—it will help your new home look and feel better once the move and unpacking is done. The best part is you can likely sell a lot of unused items for cash if you start the process early enough. This puts more money in your pocket to spend toward your out-of-state moving expenses.

Use free supplies to pack

Grocery stores are a great place to pick up some free boxes and packing supplies. They usually have an excess of both sitting out on their loading dock and will be thankful for you to get it out of their way. You can also forego the bubble wrap by using towels, old newspapers, and blankets to protect breakable or fragile items.

Negotiate with multiple moving companies

Negotiating for the best price is always a smart decision, especially when dealing with the expenses involved with hiring out-of-state movers. Be sure that in your negotiations, you ask about what will be covered in their moving services.  For example, will it include help unloading once you reach your destination and how many movers will be there to assist?

Haul a Cargo Trailer

If you’re going to be taking your personal vehicle along on the move, you might find better pricing if you haul a cargo trailer behind it. This can be done in addition to hiring out-of-state movers, adding to the extent of what can be packed and taken.  The important thing to consider if this is a possible choice for you is whether or not your vehicle has towing capacity. 

Look at national moving companies

You might find the best pricing by locating out of state movers that have national branches, including one in the state you’re moving from and one in the state you’re moving to. A national moving company would be more likely to be able to offer a package deal that lowers the cost of your out-of-state move.

For more information about how to ensure your out-of-state move is both cost effective and hassle-free, contact us today.