How To Find A Good Moving Company

Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, part of the moving process involves figuring out the best moving company for you. With the number of options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. In addition, the wide variety of factors that you need to consider can cause researching to feel difficult. This article will show you the most important factors to consider when looking to hire a moving company.

  • Reputation
  • The first thing you want to do is research a moving company’s reputation. A great and quick way to get an honest opinion and recommendation about a moving company is by asking your friends, family members, or even colleagues. Websites Google Reviews, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau are reliable resources as well. You want to consider how previous customers described the movers’ overall performance and how they handled specific problems. It is also helpful to read over negative reviews (hopefully just a few!). These usually result from picky customers placing the blame in the wrong direction.

  • Estimates
  • You want to get estimates beforehand. A solid number of moving quotes to gather would be around three to four. It is an excellent way to compare the cost of potential moving companies. You should always research companies. There are two types of estimates: In-person and on-site. 

  • Find Your Expert
  • Find the experts you need for your move by how well the moving company can address your needs best. This is an essential factor to consider! For example, do you have any specialized furniture or moving needs? Musical instruments? Typically, moving companies highlight technical skills on their website. In addition, online reviews are a great place to figure out what specialized skills a moving company has. Other added-value services might include professional cleaning services after the move, specialized crates to transport the items mentioned above. 

  • License
  • In your final research step, you want to ensure that the moving company can legally move you from your starting location into your new home. A moving company must be licensed with the Department of Transportation or the Public Utilities Commission. Keep in mind that the movers have to be approved by even more agencies when moving cross-country or overseas. Make sure the moving company uses insurance.

    What you should ask the moving company about: 

  • Registration number
  • Additional fees
  • Use of subcontractors
  • Insurance
  • Packing or storage services
  • Claims
  • Important details to pay attention to:

    Licensing information, names, addresses, the date and time of the pick-up and the delivery date, a list of services that the moving company provides you, the company’s rates, minimum charges, any additional fees, and liability information. 

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