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We like to pride ourselves on being the most sought after moving company nationwide. Not only for our high-tech moving equipment but our constantly updated fleet of moving trucks that is equipped for any move.

Packing Solutions
Help when it’s needed

From homes to businesses we have a team that is dedicated to helping people pack up their possessions in a meticulous and thoughtful way.

Licensed Movers for you
Fully licensed and approved movers

As someone who is looking for a mover you want the peace of mind knowing they are licensed and held to a good code of conduct. We provide that for you to put you at ease on that next move.

VMoving provides fast transit of goods for our clients

When you hire a moving company you want a team of movers that know how to do the job and have been doing the job for many years. They need to be experienced and quick on their feet to relocate boxes and furniture to the truck with care and due diligence. Our company only has the best staff working for us and we like to make sure they continue to get training to provide you with a better and better service each time.
Moving Prices made easy

Gone are the days of having to wait a few days to get a moving quote, we get everything done instantly with our knowledgeable dispatcher. You can fill out the quote page online or call to speak with a member of staff.

Packing service and tips

We provide the experts and you provide the furniture and items to be packed. We also can supply boxes and packing material to you along with tips that will help make the experience seamless.

Efficiency means savings passed on

Because we have newly outfitted trucks that are fuel efficient it means our cost per mile is now much cheaper, which means we can pass on them savings to you. So not only are we now more efficient we are an environmentally greener company for it.

In home moving estimates

Should you need a moving dispatcher to come out and give you an in home estimate on the amount of stuff you have we now offer that service. The dispatcher can answer any concerns you might have and look at any objects you think might be too awkward to move.

Moving FAQ

How much can a moving company full-service cost?

The costs of using a moving company for a complete service can vary. The main factor in the cost of the moving distance, if it local move or long distance move and how many items are being moved. Many companies will quote prices based on the load size, the distance to be travelled, the type of furniture being moved, and the number of men required to complete the job. Some companies estimate prices using the number of bedrooms you are moving, for example a 3-bedroom property to be moved may cost around $450 on average for a local move, whereas a studio apartment or flat may only cost around $99 as its estimated you will have less belongings and furniture to move.

How much does a moving company charge for labor only?

Sometimes people may wish to hire labor only for removals, as they may own a large van or have already rented a van. It is possible with some companies to hire staff to help with a removal. Commonly, they are hired to help with the loading and unloading of the vehicles, as well as the packing and unpacking. This can be a cost-effective way to move home, on average costing around $25 per hour per staff member. However, consider it will take much longer if you have not organized and planned your removal so it may be cheaper to pay for the full service rather than the hourly rate of staff.

How to choose a moving company?

Although this seems an obvious answer to a frequently asked question, the answer is not always to look for the best price. It would be more important to look at other factors when moving your personal possessions into your new home. It may be better to begin looking at moving companies with good feedback and positive reviews. This ensures you are more likely to have a greater overall experience and reviews can sometimes highlight flaws some companies may have. It is also useful to assess what insurance needs you may need to cover your items, if you have valuable items you may need to use a company with a greater insurance policy to fully cover your items.

How to find reliable a moving company?

Similarly answered when deciding on how to choose a company to assist your move, you will benefit from looking at the reviews and feedback given on removal companies. Looking at feedback given by other customers of the companies will give you peace of mind and reassurance on how the company operates and how well they provide their services. You may also be able to use local trusted trader endorsement schemes, which provide lists of reliable companies in your area. An external company will use assessment processes and other administrative checks to ensure that they meet a suitable standard to be endorsed.

How to hire a moving company?

Once you have found a suitable and reliable company in your area to use, you should then begin the process of hiring them by initially contacting them using their contact options, in order to request an initial quote for the move that you wish to make. Once they have provided a price for the move that you need, you should then agree and arrange to book the removal for a suitable date. You will have to ensure that you meet all the requirements that they may make during your quote. For example, if you have stated that your items are packed securely and ready to move, this should be factual.

How long does a moving company have to deliver?

Typically, you will arrange a date to suit your personal terms when booking the moving company. The moving company usually should outline the timeframe in which it will take to complete your move. However, it is not unheard of for a moving company to misplace an item or having not unloaded it from the van when leaving your property. If this happens, they have 14 days from the date the final payment was collected to deliver all your property. Federal law states that if a moving company has your property and is not lost, they are required to deliver those items immediately.

How to check if a moving company is legitimate?

There are several ways in which you can confirm if a moving company is legitimate or fraud. From your first point of contact, when either emailing or phone for a quote, you can check whether they acted in a professional way, quoted reasonable prices (not ridiculously cheap), check the emails are professional in appearance. You can also ask for costings to be provided in writing, which you can then use to see if the paperwork looks official with company headed paper, company VAT numbers and if there are any additional costs to be incurred for any aspect of the move. You can also request that they perform an in-home survey to see how they appear, whether professional or uniformed. Typically, they should leave a professional looking business card with personal contact details which will help confirm the legitimacy of the company.

What to do when a moving company steals your stuff?

If you suspect that the moving company you have used may have stolen some of your possessions, you should initially begin by getting in contact with them and making it known that your item is missing and suspect it has been stolen. It may be the case of simple misunderstanding or an item missed when unloading the vehicle. If the company proceeds to deny that they have your possessions, you can then move on to any of the following. You can contact your state’s Consumer Affairs Division to get assistance in retrieving your items as well as potentially getting illegal or unethical movers removed by the law enforcement. You may also want to contact your local police force as changes in legislation has given local authorities power to mediate and intervene with moving companies, which previously were not available due to being considered a civil matter.

How to pick a moving company?

When looking to find a company to use for your home move, you can begin by using a website that ranks local movers in your state. Many of these websites will also have a system that allows customers to leave reviews on companies that they have used, which you can use to find more information on the companies from other customers experiences. However, do remember that other individuals may have different moving requirements so take that into consideration when reading other individuals reviews.

What kind of Insurance do I need for my move?

When moving home it is especially important to check what insurance you will need. The insurance you will need will vary, depending on what items you are moving, how valuable they are, how easy they are to replace, how easily they may get damaged etc. You should first check with the company you have chosen and what insurance they have whilst they offer you their service. You should also find out if there are any additional costs incurred for use of their insurance. You want to ensure that any of your unique or high value items are covered on the company’s insurance policy, and if they are not covered then you need to enquire about any additional policy you may be able to add. You should also check with your home insurance provider if you have home insurance, as some home insurance providers have inclusions in their policies for home moving.

Few easy steps to pick a moving company?

When deciding on which moving company to use, do not always go for the obvious choice based on the lowest quoted price. There may be a reason for the low quoted prices, either not a legitimate company or they may have many costs incurred that they have not included on your basic quote. It would be more valuable to look at other considerations when moving your personal possessions. It would be more advisable to look at the feedback other companies have received on their service. This confirms you are likely to have an overall positive experience as you will be made aware of any shortfalls the company may have. It is also useful to consider what insurance needs you may need, if you have valuable items you need to use a company with a larger insurance policy to fully cover your items.

What the difference between a local move and a long-distance move?

The difference between a local and a long-distance move can be determined if the move is from one state to another. If the move is within the same state, in most circumstances it can be considered a local move. A move from one state to another state is usually considered a long-distance move. However, this is not always the case. For example, in Texas, a local move is considered a move that is less than 100 miles. Therefore, a move greater than 100 miles in Texas is considered a long-distance move. It is always best to check with the company that you are using when planning your move.

How to choose a long-distance moving company?

When choosing a long-distance mover, it may be more crucial to check the company beforehand than when moving locally. As you may be requiring their services for a longer period as you may be travelling across state, you need to ensure even more so that the company is legitimate, professional, and friendly. You will need to thoroughly check the reputation of the company you may be looking to use. You must request an in-home survey to be completed by long-distance movers, as it is crucial that you get an accurate quotation for the items to be moved to avoid extensive additional fees. In asking for this survey, you can also remove any potential fraudulent companies that do not offer the in-home survey, which should be an immediate red flag for any long-distance mover. Any long-distance mover that is not willing to accurate quote using an on-site inspection should be avoided as there is a potential for them to extort you.

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