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A Basic Guide to Move a Piano, Piano Movers Tips.

Moving is an extremely stressful activity and this stress can become even more evident in cases when people decide to move on their own without professional help. Piano moving is not different and as a matter of fact this type of moving can be even more stressful because it takes specific skills, knowledge and experience to move a piano in a safe way. Before we share more details, we must say that you will need to hire a professional piano mover.

Why use Piano Movers?

Of course, there are some people who are skeptical about this and they are not sure how useful it is to hire a professional piano moving service. They tend to use the same service used for moving all other stuff from their home. But, the truth is that professional piano movers come with equipment, training and experience that regular movers don’t have. Standard pianos weigh between 450 and 900 pounds. The so-called grand pianos can weigh up to 1300 pounds. There is also a huge difference in the price range of pianos. Some of them are worth thousands of dollars. Their condition, age, brand and make affect the price. In most cases, piano moving takes place in areas that are very tight and piano movers have limited space to operate. There are situations in which professional movers will have to dismantle the piano. Regardless of the situation, professional piano movers ware here to move the piano safely from one location to another.

How does the process look like?

If you make the right decision and hire a piano mover, you should know that this process is usually finished by two to three people. They are fully equipped for this process – slings, ramps, special moving pads and skids. In addition, they are “armed” with their experience and knowledge. These professionals use special techniques designed for moving heavy and delicate objects. In addition piano moving companies have trucks with special equipment that can keep the piano safe during the transport. It is worth mentioning that using the help of professional piano movers won’t completely eliminate the chances of damages, but such occurrences will be significantly reduced.

Finally, we should add that not all piano movers are equal. Some companies provide better services than the others, so take some time and perform some research before you make your decision. Look for a company with good experience and positive reviews and testimonials that can guarantee smooth relocation.