Moving Truck Rental

What You Need to Know About Moving Truck Rental?

Need to rent a moving truck for your upcoming move? Most homeowners and businesses do. Unless you have very few belongings or you want to make a million trips, moving truck rental is the easiest way to get yourself established at new place quickly.
Call (888) 308-2797 to rent a truck and moving team from VMoving today. Or, continue on to learn more about the process - including why you should never attempt to rent a truck by yourself.

Why you should never do Truck Rental Yourself

Gung-ho homeowners will often think that they can rent an enormous truck and fill it up with their belongings themselves. The thought process is usually this: if you have enough time, you will eventually be able to do it yourself, right?
Wrong. Here’s why that thinking is flawed, and why you should never pack or drive a truck yourself:
1. Believe it or not, packing moving trucks is a unique skill. Most of the time, the team leader will be the one responsible for putting belongings in the truck because of the experience it requires. Everything has to fit together like a puzzle to ensure nothing moves around during transit. If you pack poorly and your belongings shift around, it’s very possible that the majority of your belongings will be damaged or destroyed by the time the trip is over.
2. Trucks require specialized licenses in every state. Even if you labor to pack the truck yourself, you will usually still have to hire for the actual transit.
3. What about unpacking? Unless you want a 2-day moving truck rental (which is much more expensive than a single day), you’ll have to go crazy unloading when you get to the new location, and that’s stressful.
It’s easier to go with a company who can give you the rental truck and the team you need to pack it. But not just any moving company - some are significantly better than others.

What to expect from a reliable Moving Truck Rental Company

There are a few key questions that you should be asking before committing to any one company.
1. What will my moving team look like? Most companies will have one team leader (who packs the truck) and a few less-experienced employees to do the heavy lifting. Ensure the team leader you get is actually experienced - feel free to request one of the veterans specifically.
2. What standards do you keep your trucks to? If the company struggles for an answer, pass and move onto someone else. A reliable moving company will inspect its trucks after every move and do scheduled maintenance to ensure they catch problems before they happen.
3. What is the process like? This one is open-ended. The person on the other end of the line should be able to give you an exact run through of what gets packed first, how items are secured, etc.
Although moving is based around manual labor, you should deal with a professional company to make sure you’re getting a reliable truck and real moving men - not just any truck with a random group of guys. If you go with the amateurs, the results will be similar to if you packed the truck yourself, and, as we explained, that can be disastrous.

Where to find an Affordable Moving Truck with a reliable moving team is the #1 Moving Truck Rental Company for you to consider for your next move. Along with well-kept, clean trucks, our TEAM LEADERS and moving men are some of the most experienced in the industry. We’ll get your belongings into the truck quickly and safely, and more importantly, we’ll get them to your new place without any unnecessary breakage.
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